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azsheadshotfinal.jpgazsheadshotfinal.jpgazsheadshotfinal.jpgazs2.jpgazs2.jpgZUP 4 Nonprofits is dedicated to “what’s up” in critical and/or interesting issues in the ever-challenging world of azsheadshotfinal.jpgnonprofit management and development.  I reserve the right throw in some “business communications” issues, since that’s a pet focus of mine.  And, if all of us who value the work of nonprofits can learn a little more about how to use interactive media (egad—dare I use the “web 2.0” term?), all the better.  I’m not a “techie” but I know what works when I see it.

  • ZUP, by the way, is used in text and instant messaging to mean “What’s Up.” 

ZUP 4 Nonprofits is updated three time per week, with news and practices you can immediately use in your daily nonprofit  life.  

Why Me? Why ZUP? 

A normal person’s head could spin trying to read my varied background, but the experience comes into great use for my clients.  With more than 25 years of experience in marketing and management in the private and public sectors, I specialize in marketing communications and training.  My greatest delight (other than dark chocolate) is to “work myself out of a job” with clients, as they become more effective in serving their constituencies.   

Statewide associations such as the United Way of Pennsylvania and PA Alliance for Children and Families as well as many local NPOs have used my services.   In the past, I’ve provided a full range of communications services: consulted on and managed website development, taught organizations how to make their limited time and investments in the web payoff, run a statewide Alexis deTocqueville Society and related events, written and managed grants, as well produced more “standard” communications vehicles, such as newsletters and advocacy events.  

After some time low-keying consulting to focus more on my kids…..(someone once said, “I can’t imagine life without my kids, but I could imagine perhaps a day….”),  I’m back with a new sense of mission and focus, stimulated by:  

  • Experience on non-profit boards has shown me the great, the bad, and the mediocre in board life (names will be changed to protect the guilty), which I hope to share.   
  • Best practices in communications and web 2.0 by nonprofits, and some very stale, bad (but well-meaning) practices. 
  • Looking for ways to enhance agency capabilities by cross-training staff (grantwriting, web 2.0 production, etc.).  It’s what private sector employers are demanding–flexible employees; nonprofits need to be as smart.

Yada Yada 

I ‘fess up to having once run for U.S. Congress (PA-8—slightly before it was popular for moms in tennis shoes to be running for office).  I’ve also held appointed and elected positions at the Federal, State and County government levels (not enough space here for my titles), where I managed major marketing communications efforts such as during the implementation of welfare reform in PA.   Additionally, I’m a partner at Jet Specialties Company, my  family-owned promotional products company in SE Pennsylvania (www.jetspec.com). 

  • In other words, I know how to “slay the dragons” of large bureaucracies as well as run initiatives on a shoestring budget! 

I hold degrees from institutions that require you to use the word “the,” so that must mean I’m educated. I earned an M.B.A. in Marketing from The George Washington University and a B.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University.  My seminars and presentations on marketing communications and nonprofit issues (such as “Getting the Most From Your Board”) have been well-received (aka: unless it’s given after a ten-course meal, people don’t fall asleep and are actually glad they are there!).  

Creating online communities and training has been my focus the past several years.  I’ve been teaching at the college level since 2004, am a former full-time professor at Central Pennsylvania College, and have been an adjunct instructor with Duquesne University and with University of Phoenix, teaching a range of marketing, project management and strategic planning classes.  Check out my website or the “what I do” link at the right if you need more.

Audrie Zettick Schaller

 Here’s to what we all learn in 2008!

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