Nonprofits Know How…Do U YouTube?

I was disappointed recently when I cruised YouTube’s ever-expanding nonprofit channel.  With high hopes that some of my personal favs in the nonprofit world would be using this technology–they weren’t there!   Hey, even the 12 year-olds from my Girl Scout Troop are posting info, so how hard can it be?

Yes, the “biggies” were there.  United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania uses it plenty, showing edited pieces on recent events (see Stuff the Bus, below), information (like weatherization tips) and PSAs.  March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society are great success stories.  For some reason, humane societies seem to be using this technology well.  (Perhaps it’s because you need not worry about getting animals to sign release forms).     


No, for nonprofits, there isn’t the viewership of, let’s say, Funny Cats 3 (over 7 million views for cats).  March of Dimes has had over 46,000 views and they are one of the more popular.  But as a vehicle for promoting the work of your agency, engaging future volunteers (and perhaps donors?), online video is a no brainer.  And yes, this can be considered part of “web 2.0.”  (Of course, thoughts on getting content and then learning to drive web traffic to your postings is another issue for a future post here).

If you’re not doing it for your organization, a local citizen might be doing it for you.  I ran across this video about a United Way of Lancaster event—but it was not posted by them nor was it linked to their contact info. 


Then maybe you should search for your own agency to make sure a volunteer has or hasn’t already posted something! You should check what’s out there on your organization regularly, the same way many of us (admit it) “google” the web on our names periodically.

Feel free to send me links to new and interesting videos or uses of YouTube, which I will share as appropriate. 

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