What I Do…

In today’s challenging environment, mission-based organizations must make the most of their resources. Opportunities must be sought, resources must be maximized and risk must be balanced with reality.

The word “nonprofit” is a misnomer. Nonprofits must be nimble, lean, competitive and well-managed. If not, they won’t achieve their primary goal: serving those who need them. Responding to changes in their operating environment is critical, especially when it comes to communicating with the public and potential supporters (volunteers, community leaders or donors). Making every use of the organization’s resources, particularly that of the nonprofit board, is essential. In particular, think about:

  • Today’s communication environment-it is constantly changing. Tomorrow’s donors use a full range of Web 2.0 technologies not only to learn about nonprofits, but to become engaged with them.
  • Revitalizing the nonprofit board-what ARE your expectations for the board? Are there clear roles and do THEY know what they are? Consider how to keep your own board engaged, in roles that are appropriate and comfortable for them and most effective for your organization.  Consider their knowledge of your mission and if they are approving resources to support it.
  • Cross-training staff–In all sectors, managers are realizing staff must be flexible in their roles.  Who is capable of writing grants or  communicating in the new technologies?  The capability might already be in your own house….or easily developed internally.

My areas of focus include:

  • Workshops to increase board effectiveness, especially in terms of fund development, advocacy and marketing.
  • Enhancing staff capabilities in the areas of development and management of marketing communications and related fields such as development, grantwriting, and member development.
  • Development of training modules in traditional and rapid-elearning, online format.
  • Needs assessment for any of the above.

Presented more than 75 workshops, including:

  • “How to Get the Most From Your Board” to Association of Fundraising Professionals, Central PA.
  • “Big Impact, Small Budget: Having an Effective Nonprofit Presence on the Web” to the statewide network of United Ways in PA.
  • “The Best Practices: the Best United Way Web Sites in PA,” Presented to United Way of PA Marketing Collaborative Seminar.
  • “Effective Business Communications,” Presented to Lancaster (PA) School District support staff.
  • Project and Grants Management at the Federal and State level.

Contact info:

 Audrie Zettick Schaller

Hummelstown, PA 17036 (near Hershey/Harrisburg)

email:  audrie*at*audrieschaller*dot com*



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